Stop Spinning Your Wheels. It’s time to Look At Your Design

Conversion Rate Optimization

All This Website Traffic, but no Conversions

Today, most marketing teams are structured to drive traffic towards websites, which then converts into leads for the sales team to close. Once this process starts to deliver results, marketers then seek to generate even more traffic, and hopefully even more success. Just like they say in sales, it turns into a numbers game – An oversimplification, but that’s the standard marketing playbook.

But, what if there was a way to capitalize on the traffic that is already coming to your website, or better yet, that you’ve paid for. In other words, the goal shouldn’t be just to generate more traffic, rather, we should maybe start to focus on driving higher conversion rates, in turn giving us a lower Cost Per Acquisition. Are we crazy here?

For all types of  conversions, your conversion rate hinges on six factors:

  1. Value proposition—This is the sum of all the costs and benefits of taking action. What is the overall perceived benefit in your customer’s mind? Those perceived costs and benefits make up your value proposition.
  2. Relevance—How closely does the content on your page match what your visitors are expecting to see? How closely does your value proposition match their needs?
  3. Clarity—How clear is your value proposition, main message, and call-to-action?
  4. Anxiety—Are there elements on your page (or missing from your page) that create uncertainty in your customer’s mind?
  5. Distraction—What is the first thing you see on the page? Does it help or hurt your main purpose? What does the page offer that is conflicting or off-target?
  6. Urgency—Why should your visitors take action now? What incentives, offers, tone, and presentation will move them to action immediately?

High Conversion Rates. Lower Customer Acquisition Costs.

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